Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We are officially country

I think we have achieved a new level of "country". We are giving away food.

When we first moved to the farm, we had an episode with some potatoes that really shocked us. (Please note that the link goes to my personal website, which sometimes is a little more "adult.") In short: lovely, homegrown perishable food just appeared at our house.

That summer we learned that it is a country ritual to drop your surplus food at a neighbor's place - preferably when they are not home to refuse it. (In fact, it is said that the only reason one would lock their doors out in the country is to keep people from leaving bushels of zucchini in their house.)

Well, this year I have joined the ranks of the food pushers.I am frantically giving away cucumbers to anything with a pulse. Including the chickens. Doralee LOVES cukes.

Here is a photo of today's harvest. TODAY'S HARVEST!!! Lock your doors, people - the cukes are on the way.


aweber9 said...

absolutely hysterical! are you a little bit country? or a little bit rock and roll?

Monk said...

Heck, I'll take some of them if you want. I need to get some more green in my diet anyways...Plus I need to buy some more cheese soon...Going through withdrawls...