Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Farm Day

Yesterday we had some friends out to the farm. Two of them, Katherine and Shelly, grew up with Christian in Houston, their families taking vacations together every year. Now they are all three grown up with kids of their own. (Never mind that Christian's kids all have hooves.)

Katherine has two human children and Shelly has one - and the three kids, Shelly's husband Matt (who took the photos...thanks, Matt!) and Matt's folks all came out to meet the goats and see what shenanigans we were up to this week. Unfortunately they missed a goat birth by exactly 24 hours. I'll post about that later.

My favorite part of the day was the fishing. Anna caught a little bluegill in about .04 seconds, and Yasmin caught one in maybe double the time. Born fisherwomen, those two.

Thomas gave hugs and kisses to the majority of our goats and pronounced Bishop Don Magic Juan to be the "softest thing he has ever pet."

I have to say. Having families out to the farm is one of the best things about having a farm. It was a really sweet day.

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