Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peep Peep is an only child :(

Well, Dawn never went back to her nest, so her keet is destined to be an only child. :(

But I saw the male guineas molesting her yesterday, so I guess she might have a second nest to set sometime in the near future. Poor Dawn.

Our nieces are coming in from New York this week and we will be sending little "peep peep" home with them to grandma's house. They will get to choose a name for him (her?) and raise him for the couple weeks they are here and then we'll bring him back and put him in the coop until he is big enough to free range with his mom and two dads.

Right now he's making a whole lot of noise that I am interpreting as being lonely. So we may just buy a little chick to keep him company. I am such a sucker.

We still don't know what color little peep peep will be when he feathers out, but Christian thinks he'll be lavender like our two males.

Here is one of the males that I caught a nice piccie of the night peep peep was born. I think this one is Tony. He looks like a proud papa to me.

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