Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Those of you who read the old Farm Report know that this is the noise I make when something is "stupid-cute". Look what we found today. Eeeeeeee! Way to go, Dawn!

Christian saw that Trudy had something in her mouth this morning and went to investigate. rather than the latest varmint, she had this little guy and was intensely mothering him. She gave him a bath and was just kind of keeping him. We took him into the house and put him under a lamp. We are afraid to leave him out in case the Trude accidentally squashes him with her 100 pound love. We are also a little nervous about a cat getting him. I'm off to get some starter feed. I hope we can keep the little guy alive. We'll keep him in the house for the first week and then move him into the coop when he's big enough.

Dawn is still out and about, which leads me to believe she thinks she is done. I am sure there are other eggs on the verge of hatching, but if she doesn't go back, this may be our only one. :( But one is better than none. :) Our first un-solicited baby on the farm..SO exciting.

Here's another photo of the little dude (or dude-ette - we won't know until it's older) in it's new digs. Toasty!

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