Monday, June 30, 2008


Busy night in the barn last night. Trudy was having one of her all night bark-fests and, having seen the cat food bin moved a good eight feet across the barn the night before, Christian thought it might have been varmints. He put on his boots and went out into the darkness. (I slept through all of this. I am a really good sleeper.)

Anyhoo--within an hour he had relocated two possums and set a trap for this guy.

This morning the plan was to, well, shoot him. I mean - he could really do some damage around here to the poultry or even to the Trude, so we though it best to dispatch of him entirely.

Yeah, right.

Christian went to do the deed and had to come up with a Plan B when he stuck the muzzle of the gun into the cage and the little guy went right up to it and sniffed it. ...come on, man! Not fair!

After chores this morning Christian took the lucky varmint a few miles down the road and let him out into a big open field. It would seem that we still aren't fully up to the varmint killing task.

2 comments: said...

Its ok. You probably would have had to shoot it 3 or 4 times in order to kill it. Seems like a waste of good bullets.

Julie said...

Unfortunately this little varmint will be back to see you soon. They are VERY hard to get rid of...