Friday, June 6, 2008

The problem with declaring a war on varmints...

It would seem that one man's varmint is another man's cute, cuddly object of affection.

Our Goatrude - ever wanting to please, has signed up as a lieutenant in the war on varmints. Even though I have never seen evidence of rabbit damage in my little garden plot, she has decided rabbit eradication is a worthy goal. And a delicious goal, as well.

Remember when I said I take photos of everything? It's true. And as gross as this is, I have to say - I really like the photo. The chicken kind of rounds it out.

BTW - chickens are omnivores. Doralee here just wanted her fair share.


aweber9 said...

amazing photo!

Mrs Mop said...

"Eat my shorts, General Woundwort!"