Thursday, April 22, 2010

And now for something completely different

So, it's the time of year that an organized farmer needs to start thinking about Thanksgiving. A standard, nasty, franken-bred turkey can get started later, but a heritage breed bird needs to get started about now to be big enough by the big day.

If you've been with us for a while, you know how our turkey raising has gone in the past. It's been pretty hit or miss. Mostly miss. I decided back during the turkey-Bhutan-death march of 09 that maybe we should think about other options this year.

Well, we did more than think.

Christian let me get these guys today.

They are geese. But I don't actually know what breed. We got them from a guy who puts up a sign on the side of the road and sells them, as well as a multitude of other fowl, from behind his auto shop. This being the country, those fowl are his wife's. You know - wimminz work. He fixes cars and motorbikes and other manly things. So he knew the price of the geese. (After calling his wife) And I convinced him these were, in fact, the geese - and well, that's about that.

We're pretty sure that we've got a male and a female. They sure are cute. I hope they enjoy their time at Blue Heron Farm. They will not be getting names. They are collectively to be called Happy Thanksgiving.

And in supreme ironies, we may actually be hatching out turkey babies in another month or so. Oy vey. I'll try to write that one up tomorrow.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tring to catch up...

I do have a few things to talk about, but kidding season has me a little behind. I'll try to sit down today, if I can. Until then, here are a few photos to make you feel warm and fuzzy. And possibly nauseated...

Oh, also - you should friend us on facebook. I am way better at tiny little daily updates this time of year.