Sunday, June 29, 2008

Turkey Update

The turkeys are almost three months old and both are VERY interested in performing their part of the mating dance. I have been told they will not be sexually mature until around seven months of age, so I guess this is kind of like having a first grade boyfriend/girlfriend right now.

Here a a couple pictures I got this morning. (Click to enlarge if you want) The first is the two of them together. Thanksgiving is just starting to puff up and be macho. The second one is his full-on turkey look. I hope to get a couple better ones of him doing his thing soon.

Also - take a look at their coloring. Christian said he thought they were supposed to be Bourbon Reds, but I think they may be American Bronzes. Not too sure. Whatever they are, they are getting pretty.

And just as a point of interest, the ducks really do not like watching this. We have no idea why, but it really seems to upset them.

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