Friday, June 27, 2008

A surprise in the dog food bin

Went out scoop out Trudy's breakfast this morning and found this.

I will admit that I screamed just a little. An involuntary little yelp. I'm not afraid of 'possum, but geez...I was not really expecting him.

Either my yelp or my coming at him with a plastic scoop made him do the fainting thing. He woke up for C to relocate him, though. Just a little guy. We let him go in the front pasture. Guess I better start making sure the lids are on the feed cans.


Annette said...

Do you have your camera attached to you? I need to know what kind of camera you have as it seems like it must be lightweight and fun to use. I imagine the scene like this. Go open the dog food bin, let out a yelp, run back to get your camera, take the shot, then figure out what to do next.
Or maybe you just carry the camera around with you and you skip the "run to get the camera" step.

Regardless-- I love your pictures. said...

You missed an opportunity for possum stew.

Never pass up an opportunity to make possum stew.

Blue Heron Farm said...

It's actually a big, heavy, awkward camera. The scenario you laid out is the exact sequence of events. ;)

We use a Canon Rebel - digital. We have a couple lenses, so I always just kind of hope the right one is attached in moments like this.

For the opossum, I stayed and made sure he stayed in the bin and Christian went to get the camera.

Next I need to get a little video camera. We have some action scenes I really need to document. :)