Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Behold the new cheesemobile!

Well...the window smashing episode expedited the eventuality of our buying a more suitable farmer's market car. We'd talked about it for a while, but I was managing OK in the Benz, so we put it fairly low on the "to do" list. Had I known I could get things by breaking other things, I would have long ago broken our kitchen sink (would like a dishwasher), our ugly old ceiling fans (would like some from the last decade or two) and our back porch (I'd really, really like a big, screened in sleeping porch.)

Today we bought cheesemobile v.2 - a 2001 Volvo V40 station wagon.

We've been looking at station wagons for a while now and were thinking a Mazda Protoge or maybe even a Ford Focus until we saw this one online. It has incredibly low mileage for its age - only 45K on the clock and it's in great shape. And it should hold the full Farmer's Market car pack no matter how hastily performed.

I think we're going to like this car. Yay.

You can see Grumpy already likes it, he was running to lie under it when I snapped this quick shot.
Oh! And as a big ol' bonus to the big ol' day, I managed to drop a bag of cucumbers on the porch of Christian's parents while we were in town car shopping. Bwah-ha-ha-ha!

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