Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Shout out to my Peep Peeps

Well, we're down to six.

Yesterday Caroline took six peeps to her farm. :) And we found one dead in the coop. :( A victim of SPPDS, it would seem. (Sudden Peep Peep Death Syndrome) He was not attacked. Just not alive.

Still - the peeps are a week old today. I think to only have lost one is pretty amazing.

Equally amazing is the rate at which they grow. The keets have more than doubled in size in just seven days. Insane. They are still ridiculously cute. The new favorite thing is picking up big bits of grass and running at full speed so a sibling won't get it. Them peeps is wacky.

Today we let them out to go forage with their mom and two dads. I'll add a photo later on if I can get around to it. Let's hope they all come back from their big adventure.

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