Monday, August 4, 2008

Well, that sucks.

We have been desperate for rain. Aside from the few sprinkles we had in the middle of our hay debacle, this summer has been unbearably dry. Last night it finally looked promising.

It started getting really blustery at about five. REALLY blustery. At around 5:30 I heard a strange noise. Kind of a cracking noise like really close lightening, but then it evolved into more of a groan. Followed by a thud.

It was the giant cedar tree in our front yard.

I went to get Christian, who was letting the goats into the barn. We did a cursory inspection that revealed a VERY high likelihood that the VERY large section that was down would also manage to pull down a nice sized portion of the big, beautiful live oak in which it was caught. Bummer.

The weight of the cedar did, in fact, pull down two large live oak branches within the next hour. Here is what we awoke to this morning. ...check out Max in the right hand corner for scale.


Guess we need to get a chain saw.

3 comments: said...

that does indeed suck. but look on the bright side, chain saws are AWESOME!!!

aweber said...

What a total bummer! Did you at least get some rain out of the whole deal, or was it just wind?

Blue Heron Farm said...

We got a thimbleful of rain.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Our friend Tim is coming over with a chainsaw tonight.I'll try to get some good photos. ...TOOLS! AWESOME! ;)