Saturday, August 23, 2008

A New Girlfriend for TOD

At our last Home Sweet Farm Market we met some nice people who overheard me talking about TOD and his need to kill me. When I mentioned I thought it might have something to do with having lost his mate, they came over to tell us that they had a female whose mate had been killed by raccoons. They said she was lonely and after I promised we wouldn't eat her, they agreed to bring her to Blue Heron Farm in the interest of happy turkeys all around.

This is Dory. (Her old mate was Nemo)She is about a month or two younger than TOD, but since she got here he has not stopped trying to impress her. He walks around all puffed up. Very proud. She thinks he's OK, but she's more interested in grass and bugs right now.

Oh, and he still wants to to kill me. It had nothing to do with chicks.

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