Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yay, Frenda!

Frenda is a laying machine! We've never had young hens before. She's an egg-a-day girl it would seem. Right on, Frenda.

Christian found her first few eggs in the goats' hay feeder. Not knowing how long they had been there, we fed those to the pigs, but now I am collecting.

Because she is young and has just started laying, her eggs are still kinda small. They are a lovely dark tan color with a few speckles. Here they are in the carton next to one of Violet's brown eggs and some of Judy's green ones for a size comparison.

I imagine they will get a little bigger over time, but I am just happy to have eggs again. The old ladies are on strike in the summer heat. :( Either that or Judy made a nest somewhere. chicks would sure be fun...

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