Friday, August 1, 2008

Peep Peep II, Electric Boogaloo

Well, Dawn is setting. The incubation period is 25-28 days, so we'll see what we get in a month.

If she doesn't give up before then.

I am wondering if I should buy an incubator. I really want some more peep peeps.

Oh, and speaking of the guineas...I think we're going to eat one. And when I say we, I mean Christian.

Tony - the alpha guinea, has become VERY mean and he routinely terrorizes the other poultry now - chickens, ducks and even the turkeys. :( He mixed it up with Russell Crowe (our rooster) the other day and RC lost all of his tail feathers in the battle. Such a bummer.

Two males of any fowl breed seems to be one too many. Unless there is a huge harem of females to keep them happy. He really needs to go if our farm is to regain its peaceful balance. And I wouldn't feel good about killing him if we didn't make use of the carcass. It just doesn't seem right. I am not sure we are up to the task of butchering yet, so it may be a while. I'll take a photo if we make coq a vin. guinea fowl are supposed to be great eating.

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Annette said...

I was wondering how a guinea would taste and hadn't heard much about eating them.

I sure hope you get some chicks!