Friday, August 29, 2008

Pinch Hitters

Many of you know that FOF Caroline has set us up with quite a few of her goats for the milking season. Without them we would probably sell out of cheese in five minutes and only be able to do one market a week.

Since they are temps, they do not have their own bios on our website, so I'll go ahead and introduce them here.

Limmie is the only goat at BHF that doesn't have the white ears and muzzle. I think her brown mouth makes it look like she is always smiling. Christian has to turn the radio station to classical music when she comes in to milk. I guess Air America agitates her.

Thyme is a big sweetie. We call her "Big Thyme". She is one of the girls who needs to be pet every time you see her. She took a while to get used to the milking machine, but now she's an old pro. Dig her giant cud.

Donna Beth
DB has the most amazing markings. She is a beauty. In the milk parlor? Well, did I mention she's pretty? Donna is a pro at massaging you with her head, so I insist we keep her around.

Pepper's real name is Peppermint Schnapps. And she does look kinda drunk in this photo. Pepper is big on tilting her head up at you and showing her teeth. I love Pepper's smiles.

Primrose and Plum

Both of these goats' mamas are part of our original herd. Primrose looks just like her mom, Peggy Sue. And she has the same voice, too....maaaaaaaaaa. Plum's mama is Challenge, and other than the look of her face, there is not much similarity. Challenge is not a needy, "pet-me" goat, but Plum-bob looks for scratchings every day. She is a sweet thing.

We've got two more of Caroline's goats that I will put up when I get better photos. Poor Jakarta looked retarded in the last one I took. And somehow I missed getting a shot at all of Ellie Mae.

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