Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is just mental

For at least a year now, we have had a hairy, black and white jumping spider living in our mailbox. I don't have a photo of him, so I just pulled one off the interwebs ... gross, huh? And did I mention he's a jumping spider?

Most days I just say a little silent prayer that he'll be in the back of the box when I go to get the mail. 'Cause if he's on the Netflix, there ain't no movie watching that night.

It has occurred to me that I could kill Mailbox Spider, but it seems unnecessary, so I haven't. I mean, he hasn't hurt me. He's no worse than the bathroom spider.

Anyway, last week Christian and I were heading into town and decided to grab the mail on the way. C rolled down the car window, grabbed the mail, pulled it inside the car and drove on down the road. About 100 yards later we saw that M.S. had hitched a ride. Now - I saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally rid myself of the guy, but my mental husband actually put the car in reverse, rolled back 100 yards and chased the dang spider around his own torso and neck (where he had jumped from the mail)for a good minute or so before I helped scoop him up with a circular. I handed the spider and the ad over to C who gently placed him back in the mailbox and shut the door.

We need help.

And we are probably not watching a movie tonight.


Swede Farm said...

I am sure you read this on Wikipedia, but here you go anyways.....

Some jumping spiders may bite to protect themselves if disturbed. However, jumping spiders usually escape and hide, and will only bite if provoked and cornered. While the bite of a larger jumping spider can be painful, only a few species produce any other effects. Almost all spiders (except hackled orb-weavers) have venom, but the venom of most spiders is no worse than the venom of a bee. For more information of envenomation see the Spider bite article.

Spiders occasionally bite humans. Although 98-99% of spider bites are harmless

Have a great day......

Blue Heron Farm said...

The article I read when I found the photo said you could train them to jump from hand to hand. What the???? Who would think of such a thing? And where can they go to get help?!?!? :)