Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes, we have no mozzarella

It is with equal parts of sadness and relief that we have come to the decision to stop producing mozzarella cheese.

Those of you who have been lucky enough to get your hands on some know that when we have it, it is exceptionally yummy. The problem for us is that we can't really make it in way that fits into our business model, and at the end of the day - while farming is rewarding to the soul - it must also be at least mildly rewarding to the bank balance.

The recipe I have been using does not adapt well to the larger batches I need to make. At it's best, mozzarella is a lower-yield cheese, meaning a gallon of milk doesn't go as far. At it's worst, mozzarella is temperamental, and there are times when the cheese does not come out right. Using the current mo-jam, it just does not make sense for us to keep trying to make it twice a week.

Perhaps one day I will find a recipe and a method that make it do-able again, though even then, we may have to charge more to make it worth it in terms of time and yield. But for now, we must bid a fond arrivederci to our friend mozzarella. ...sorry, cheese fans. ...but try our feta. Now that's a good cheese.

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