Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Tiny Turkeys

A few weeks ago we bought some turkey poults. They are living in a cage inside our coop right now, but are just about big enough to be let out of the cage. (We wanted to be sure they could not escape the coop before we let them out - they are still an attractive meal to many animals on the farm.)

For the past couple days we have let them out for a couple hours at a time. Here is their latest foray...they really seem to like getting out and pecking at things.
I had just started wondering how one determines the sex of a turkey when the larger one started to do this...
...I think it's a boy.

It looks like we may have one of each. It would be the coolest thing ever if they would breed before becoming holiday meals. Since he is bigger, we will be calling the boy Thanksgiving. The girl will be called Christmas. ...get it? Oh, it's hard work being so clever. ;)

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