Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grammy's First Goat Show

Today our goat Club (The South Central Texas Goat Club) had its annual dairy goat show in Hempstead.

We donated Grammy as a raffle prize in an effort to help the club raise some money. She found a VERY good new home with one of the club members, Madeleine McQuilling. (I might have spelled that wrong...sorry, if so.)

Madeleine actually put little Grammy (whose name we told her could be changed) into the ring in the Junior Showmanship category.

In the photo above, she is getting put into the right position. Um...Look at the ringer next to her ...hello! Talk about stiff competition!

And the next one is sweet Grammy in the lineup.

We could not be more pleased about her new owners, though we will miss her more than most. Grammy had been a bit of a house goat. Sweet thing.

We look forward to seeing her in the ring in the coming years.

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