Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

Dawn is missing. I haven't seen her in a couple days. :(

For those of you newer to the farm, Dawn is our female guinea hen. The white one in this photo. The males, who are lavenders, are Tony and Orlando. ...I probably never should have named them that. Now -- with the song - well, it's like some kind of prophesy.

...or maybe just dumb luck.

Recently all three guineas have been VERY adventurous. They can often be seen out in the street or even in the cow field across the street. And, well -- guineas are not very bright. Tony sometimes forgets he can fly over the fence when he gets stuck outside the farm. Though Dawn has never exhibited that particular degree of "duh".

About a month ago, Dawn started laying eggs. Her first nest was discovered by Trudy (our LGD) who thought guinea eggs made a fine snack. After that, I don't know where she went to lay them, though we found one in the pasture once.

My secret hope is that Dawn has made a fabulous nest somewhere and has finally gone broody and has set to hatch the eggs. It is certainly possible, though probably a long shot. I keep hope though, since we haven't seen a pile of feathers or a group of vultures hanging about.

Anyway, if she never comes back, we'll chalk one up to the circle of life. Maybe we can get a new hen. ...and name her Nutrisystem. Yow.

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