Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fishing Season

Last spring we started an evening tradition of going out to fish at our pond. It started as a lark to just see if we even had any fish in there at all and turned into a fairly regular ritual. That year we caught a lot of little sun fish and our niece managed to bag a teeny tiny catfish when she was here, though we never saw another one after that.

Usually I don't actually fish. I drink a glass of wine and relax and watch Christian fish. I'll also go take the net and catch our bait minnows.

Well, this year has been a bit different. I still bring my net and some wine, but this year we haven't had the plentiful supply of fat minnows. This year my net is snagging lots of....shrimp? Weird. But here is one. We can't figure out where the heck little fresh water shrimp would have come from, but we have a ton of them. (If you click the photos, they get bigger - then you can see the little guy better)

The fish absolutely LOVE the shrimp. Here are a few shots I took last night.

The first night we resumed fishing, C caught one of those mini catfish and threw it back. The next cast he got another. Then another. I accused him of catching the same dumb fish over and over, but he assures me there are tons of these guys in there. We have started feeding them...hopefully they'll be big enough for friends to fish out and take home to eat one day. :)

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Mrs Mop said...

Will they be suitable for noodling Okie-style any time soon?