Sunday, May 25, 2008

Look what I grew!

I am still a novice at the gardening. I pretty much just put things in the ground and hope they don't die. When I think of it, I water them. And on days when it's not too hot, I go out and pull out a few handfuls of weeds. I am great at growing weeds.

Last year I got some tomatoes -- many half eaten and split skinned, some cayenne peppers and an insane amount of basil.

This year I planted those things again (but a better variety of tomato), plus some bell peppers, jalapeƱos, cucumbers, onions and very recently some zucchini. I am pleased to share my first harvest. If it's not too bitter (I am not sure if it was ready to be picked or not...though it sure looks like it) it will go on a pizza tonight.

One thing about living in the country in the summer - if you can't garden, chances are your neighbors can. We have been the exceptionally lucky recipients of some beautiful crookneck, patty pan and zucchini squashes, plus some gorgeous beans, from some new friends we made at the farmer's market in Brenham. We also got a few crooknecks yesterday at the goat show from some other friends. We ate them with a little butter and parmesan cheese broiled on the top. OMG. So good.

...I hope our neighbor Larry planted potatoes again this year. We'll never have to shop again. ;)

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