Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mostly back to normal

We had an ugly thunderstorm early this morning, ahead of a cool front, that dumped a bunch of unneeded rain on us, but really we're pretty much back to normal here.

I am making cheese now because, well, the milk doesn't stop coming. The problem is that I am sure Tuesday's market will be canceled and we may soon be sitting on a whole lot of cheese that we can't move. But if that is the worst of our problems, we are still in a really good place.

A little peep peep update - they are all flying now. Dawn had them up in the rafters of our big hay barn during the storm. All the birds are wretched and wet now, but they all made it through.

Speaking of wet, we had a little drama on Thursday. We noticed Dawn was missing one peep and we figured it may have been lost to a hawk. (It was one of the white ones - they are easy for birds of prey to pick off.)But just as we were giving up, Christian noticed it bobbing in the duck pond. We snatched it out and went into emergency mode.

We thought it would die of hypothermia, so C tucked it inside his shirt while we discussed our options. We settled on a trip to the beauty salon (AKA our bathroom) where I used a hair dryer to warm the little guy up and dry him off. He was still shivering and unable to walk when I was done, so we set him under a heat lamp for another ten minutes or so before returning him to Dawn - who had just settled the other peeps under her for the night. With a little gentle poking, he made his way into the community peep bed and slept off his big day. I can't believe we manged to save him.

They are all out getting wet today, but I think Dawn knows when it's time to warm them up- she takes little breaks and gets them all under her wings. Which is increasingly difficult for her and comical to us as they grow like weeds. I'll try t get some new photos soon.

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