Monday, September 8, 2008

An unexpected visitor

Last night I was packaging up cheese when I heard the dairy door slam. Soon thereafter the unattended goats began yelling. (Well, Peggy Sue did. The rest were looking at her the way I did, which is to say, "What the $#@%$#, Peg? Chill!)

I went out and saw Christian across the yard, scooping up a black lump that I was afraid was TOD - and was even more afraid had fallen victim to Max.

It wasn't TOD.

One of our neighbor's dog's new-ish puppies had somehow made it onto our side of the fence and then managed to get tangled up in the electric fence that keeps the pigs in. She was completely shell shocked. So sad.

I brought her into the house and while she got back to normal, we debated taking it as a sign that we should keep her. (Tom has been trying to get us to take a couple of the pups since they were born.)In the end - after a few hours of sweet puppy time - C brought her back home. We really do not need another dog now. But man, was she cute. I called her Shockey. Which became Shocka Khan by the end of the night. ...I know, I know.


Annette said...

Oh, you should have just taken it as a sign and kept him... I've missed the blog the past 2 weeks- no internet yet at the farm.

I love the peep-peeps--- Are you eating the Guinea eggs?

Blue Heron Farm said...

Guinea eggs are very small and have a very tough shell, so we have not tried eating them yet...though our dog smapled quite a few before we realized she had been laying. If we didn't have chickens, I might be more tempted.

The other thing is that she started laying fertile eggs right away, so we just let her set and hatch two times.

I need to get a new photo. They are trying to fly now. So stinkin' adorable. They only make it 6 or so feet at a time, but it is still pretty impressive.