Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where are they?????

Where are his ears???????????????????

Meet Indy. Indy is a LaMancha buck. As such, he is actually not supposed to have ears. I can't help freaks me out a little.

Indy came to BHF from Fairwoods Farms and actually belongs to FOF Caroline now. But he will stay here a while and knock up some of Caroline's does. At her suggestion, we will also do a little bit of cross breeding this year to see what we get.

LaManchas are the only other breed we considered when we started the dairy, but I just couldn't get past the ears. But they do have nice, sweet milk and they often give lots of it. We'll see what a few crosses would do in a couple years.

Yesterday upon his arrival he promptly bred Limerick. So...the ladies like him.

The Bishop is not sure. Indy is considerably larger than he is, and mostly the Bishop is scared right now. We separated them overnight and will put them back in the same field together when we go out to milk today. I think they'll be fine. We'll let you know.

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