Friday, September 12, 2008

Awaiting Ike

As you can imagine, we have been closely watching hurricane Ike for the past few days. The trajectory has changed a few times, giving us temporary ups and downs. But as of now it looks, well, less than good.

We are almost 100% sure we will lose the roof to the goat barn. And we hope that is as bad as it gets. We're going to go clean up the rest of the logs in the yard from the big tree escapade before the 90 mph winds kick in.

...wish us luck.


Pam said...

Hope you don't incur too much damage. They are saying that when (not if) we lose power here in the city, it could be out for two weeks or more...not a pleasant thought!

aweber9 said...

We're thinking about you and hoping nothing much happens!