Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Resting in Peace

I was reminded yesterday that I had not yet posted again about Doralee. Doralee passed the night after my initial post. It was getting cold out, so Christian put her up on a hay bale in the barn before he came in for dinner. That's where we found her the next day.

In another of a long list of acts demonstrating why he is simply one of the best persons in the entire universe, Christian buried Doralee in our pet cemetery on a cold, wet, ugly afternoon.

In another example of how I am not as wonderful, I took photos.

From inside the warm, dry house.

I thought now would be a good time to share the other permanent residents of Blue Heron Farm. Our much loved pets who have been laid to rest here.

Marley was Christian's first dog he had as a grownup and will always be his number one. Marley was a big, sweet love. She had a whacky internal clock that she employed to determine when it was time for breakfast. She shared the results by jumping up on the bed to stare at you, or -- if you didn't get the hint -- roll all over you. We are so glad Marley spent her last days at the farm. Though she had already slowed down a bit, she loved nothing more than running out to the pond and sniffing every inch of BHF.

Anton was my first grownup pet. I got him in college and toted him around the country as my life unfolded. He never complained, never freaked out - just rolled with it. He was that kind of cat. Even people who don't like cats liked Anton. He was way more "dog-like" than not. Anton lived to the ripe old age of 20. At least. We're not really sure since he was adopted for me as an adult. My brother picked out Anton and I'm still thankful he chose such an amazing little personality.

I got Vinnie to keep Anton company. Vinnie was way more cat-like than not. But as he got older, he came out of his shell. By the time we all moved in with Christian, you'd hardly know he spent his first 10 or 11 years afraid of pretty much everyone but me. He LOVED Christian. Vinnie actually passed on before we moved out here, but I had his ashes in a box, so they are out here next to his buddy Anton.

T. Boone Kittens
If you've been with the blog a while, you know about Boone. Sweet Boone. I still miss the little guy.

Maverick & Iceman
These guys aren't actually buried, but we have a little monument to them in the cemetery. Our first ducks. They were so much fun. Others have joined them. It's hard being a duck. :( But we still keep a few at all times. Ducks are great.

And of course, Doralee joined all of these guys last week.

Rest in peace, little buddies.

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Katherine said...

I think the term for Christian is "a mensch?" :-) Nice post about your sweet husband and all the sweet pets who have shared time with you.