Monday, March 23, 2009

Binder update

Little Binder the Miracle Doe is just over three weeks old now. She is as strong as any other kid we've ever had here and cute? Forget about it. I've convinced Christian we should keep her.

But the thing is, you can't keep just one kid. She would get lonely. So we're keeping another doeling to be her pal while growing up.

This is not smart farming, people. Decisions should always be made with the brain and the calculator, not the heart and a pair of big gooey doe eyes. But dammit - I can't be the steel-hearted bosslady all of the time. Shoot, man - even Farmer Hoggett kept a pig he should have eaten. Of course, that pig did herd sheep. But I digress.

Here are Binder and her friend Penny Lane. I will declare right now and mean it that these are the only two kids we are going to raise this year. I am enjoying the heck out of them.