Friday, March 20, 2009

Extreme Cuteness Strikes Again

Our nieces are in Houston for their Spring Break. Today they came out to BHF with a little ducklings. These little peeps will grow up to be Mallards. They were given the names Woody, Star and Peep. And I am pretty sure - after a good half hour of drilling - that I know which is which.

...Until they start to feather out or otherwise change in any, infinitesimal way.

We'll keep them in the house for a few days, then it's out to a cage in the coop, "free range" in the coop and out into the wilds of BHF after they have feathered out. Love me some baby ducks. Thanks for the gift, Webers.

2 comments: said...

Come on. Im trying to eat breakfast.

Katherine said...

Cute ducklings, cute nieces!