Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Falling behind in the high season

We have been crazy here with full cheese production, two markets a week, multiple kiddings and a fair number of tours. I am woefully behind on getting my good, blog-worthy stories down in writing. If I can get it together, I plan to fill anyone who may be reading in on the following.

1. The story of boy pig's date with freezer camp, complete with my all-time favorite line ever spoken to me, "I can get you a head."

2. The story of Dory's slaughter (which we watched) and subsequent frying, which I can at least tell you did not result in the calling of the fire brigade. Which is good, as Field Store has no fire brigade.

3. The story of a few crazy kidding days including the one where I had to push a kid back into the uterus because Christian's hands were too big.

4. The story of our being total suckers and buying surgery for a barn kitty. You're welcome, Newman.

I will try to get to these things, but the problem is that more kooky things will happen before I can get to it. It is the busy season. For serious. Busy.

Ok- gotta go. There are ten baby goats that need breakfast.



Katarina said...

I can't wait to hear about story #3!!

TLCSilverJewelry said...

I want to hear all of them. At my day job sometimes when we are slow I get out my little note book and work on some blog posts. Maybe something similar will work for you. When y'all are driving in the car you could get down the basics of the post and then all you have to do at home is type it in.