Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Window is Open

We have officially entered the window of normal birth timing.

Goats gestate for 150 days, but you can add or subtract five days and still fall within the range considered normal. Today Miranda and Loretta are at 145. Lucinda is a wild card, as we did not witness her breeding, but based solely on her size (she is freaking enormous!) and the barest hint of udder development, I think she's somewhere in the window as well.

We'll have babies - and precious milk - soon.

And we've got a little bonus planned. June's family is going out of town for the holidays, so we will taking care of her and Emmy here at BHF. June is due Monday.

We're about to get busy.

We have already given warning that baby goats might be attending the Chanukah and/or Christmas celebrations at Christian's folks' house. We have also warned that we may have to back out of another event on Miranda and Lo Lo's due date. We are completely and utterly unable to make 100% firm commitments for the next ten days. But we'll do what we can to make everything work. Here's hoping for uncomplicated births and a holiday season filled with baby goat love.

Miranda - 145 days

Lucinda - 145 days?

2 comments: said...

I went to a friends farm, and helped them as they ultrasounded their sheep and goats yesterday. They have Katahdin sheep and Tennessee Fainting Goats. The myotonic goats are a blast. There were 2 one week old kids. Oh so tiny. They have their pictures up on their website under sale animals. The goats are great because they cant escape from you. They fall over.

Not the best genetic trait to inherit. But fun as hell for peoples.

Blue Heron Farm said...

Oh, those are sick cute.

I have always wanted a myotonic. Just for fun.