Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love taking portraits of the goats. I call them "school pictures."

Today there was some nice light for school pictures. Someone should have told Libby to clean up a little and spit out her cud.







Kate said...

Hi! My husband and I are hoping to come to your farm in January when I'm visiting my parents (Pam and Mike, apparently they buy your cheese), and I would LOVE the opportunity to shoot some portraits of your cute goats, and maybe a duck or two :)

Blue Heron Farm said...

Cool. Just email us when you're ready. I can't guarantee Limerick will smile...oh wait, yes I can. She has a perpetual smile. ;) said...

Ive been trying to teach myself how to enjoy cheeses lately. I hit the grocery store, because our farmers markets are kaput for the year, and bought up all the goat cheeses I could find. The chevre's were nice, a couple were a bit goaty, and not quite seasoned enough for my taste, but I found a really nice crottin cheese that Ive been chowing. Its really good.

I have a nice goat brie in the fridge that I have to break into soon.


I think Im getting it.