Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Breaking News: The ducklings are hatching!!!!

The ducklings are hatching! Christian pulled two out for a quick (and horrible) photo but then stuck them back under Harpo. Not all were done hatching as of an hour ago, but there are lots of delicious little peep noises coming from under her breast. Yaaaaay! Ducklings!!!

We are thinking we might snatch them up and raise them by hand. Keep them warm inside the house for a few weeks. Part of me is feeling sad for Harpo if we do it, but Christian thinks shell get over it quickly. Dawn did when her first batch failed.

We'll see. I'll post better pics when we get some.

And here is Harpo with a used egg in the foreground. Good little mama.

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Annette said...

Oh-- congratulations!!! Little ducklings are so fun to watch!

I hope our ducks have ducklings some time in the spring!