Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Insane sweetness

Watching June nurse and mother these kids is just so barf-inspiringly cute I can't stand it.

We bottle raise our kids here - for a couple reasons. The biggest thing is that we need the milk. If we bottle feed, we can control the amount the kids get and make sure they have enough to grow properly, but not so much that we can't make cheese.

The other reason is that hand-reared kids end up being lovely, calm, handle-able adults that are usually pretty easy to milk later on. That's just our way.

But these aren't our goats and the Hydes don't need the milk yet. I must say, letting nature do its thing has been truly awesome.


Kristin said...

Ok, you're literally killing me with the sweetness. Literally.

Looks like we're headed to H-town after all...you guys going to be around?

bksd2006 at yahoo dot com

Blue Heron Farm said...

We'll be here - probably birthin' babies. Have your mister call my mister. :)