Friday, October 3, 2008

Outstanding in the Field

We are super excited that tomorrow, at long last, Outstanding in the Field is coming to Houston.

We first heard about this event in a fabulous story on Sunday Morning that was a profile on Jim Deneven. Christian loves that he is a surfer, we both are in awe of his incredible art - and that he found a way to combine art, food and the idea of "eating local" to form the the OITF concept? Well, we are big fans.

We bought our tickets to the event back in April when we had just barely become legal. Now I am extraordinarily proud to announce we are being used as a provider at the event. Monica Pope is the chef, and guests will be eating Blue Heron Farm feta in an hors d'oeuvre of some kind and Blue Heron Farm cajeta as part of the dessert. I'll let you know how it goes. I am just so jazzed to be a part of this thing. ::happy dance::

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