Friday, October 24, 2008

Big, Fancy Farm Tour

Last weekend we participated in a multi-farm tour with a gourmet lunch at the last farm, cooked by celebrity chef, Randy Evans. The ticket price was a little steep, but for a good reason: in addition to providing people with a nice immersion in local food culture, we were also raising money for the Koonce fund.

Since that Sunday was also our monthly market at Home Sweet Farm, BHF was the first stop after breakfast at Sandy's.

ToD tried his darndest to impress every soul on the tour, and since he didn't try to kill anyone, I consider our part of the day a success.

After BHF, the crew went to a local winery in Waller and then to Animal Farm for the lunch and a look at the absolutely incredible work that Gita and Cas do in sustainable living, permaculture and organic farming. We had to miss that part of the tour, but went out to Animal Farm on Tuesday for a re-creation of what we missed. (Only this time the audience was Travel/Food writers in town for a conference) All I can say is wow.

I hope everyone who participated enjoyed the experience. We hope to participate in other tour/dinner events on a regular basis and will put details of new events up on this site as they coalesce. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

Oh - and in crazy co-in-kee-dink-ees ... Gita has a dog that looks just like Goatrude.

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