Monday, October 27, 2008

Another great tour

On Sunday we hosted a small tour brought to the farm by former Houston Dairymaid, Kendra Scott. She brought a group to Austin to visit some small dairies and wineries out in the Hill Country and they stopped by BHF on their way back to H-town.

It was a GORGEOUS day and the goats enjoyed being pet and loved out in the sunshine. We talked about all of the weird things we have learned about goats, including their lack of top teeth and the fact that they lose baby teeth after turning one. Here Christian shows off Carrie Underwood's decidedly messed up grill.

When the tour left, the goats came in to investigate the tent where we set up cheese samples. Them goats is crazy. And LeeAnne wants you to have no doubt which cheese is her favorite. (second pic)

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aweber9 said...

love the pictures and love the great publicity and attention you are getting! fantastic!