Sunday, October 5, 2008

OITF Photos

Last night was fabulous. Honi & Glen's farm is absolutely gorgeous, the weather was perfect and the food was fabulous.

We arrived at 3, had drinks and hors d'oeuvres in the lawn of the farm house and then had an escorted tour of the farm on our way to the table which had been set up on a hill in the back acreage. It was - am I over using this word? - fabulous.

We picked a spot at the table and were lucky enough to get really lovely dinner companions where we chose to sit. And the view? Incredible. The table was most striking before it filled with people, so I included a before and after of our section as well as other random piccies from the evening.

And now, with the glitterati life behind us, I have to go make cheese. And cajeta. We may have hooked a few dozen people on the cajeta. ;)


Sarah Hazel said...

As evidenced by our purchase at the farmer's market today, we might be some of those few dozen people hooked on cajeta!

Brandi said...

that event looks awesome! monica pope's restaurant is my absolute favorite in the world, bar none.

have you guys sold to dos brisas? they're trying to make their own, and let's just say.....they need your help.

i'm gonna go eat some cajeta. right now, at ten o'clock in the morning. what did they do with it in the dessert???

Blue Heron Farm said...

The OITF dessert with our cajeta was just a jar and a plate of divine pecan shortbread cookies. Dunk and eat. MMMMMMM.