Sunday, July 19, 2009

A trip to the beach

I haven't really talked about our drought here. We're in a serious drought. Serious.
So much so that our stock tank - or pond, if you are from the city - has a beach now. A %$#%$# &$^%$ ^*&^$&$ beach.

The lack of rain has ensured that we won't be bringing in hay this year. There is still enough standing grass and weeds on the acreage for the goats to eat for the time being, but we will have to start feeding them hay much earlier than normal this year. Like next month, probably. This, of course, means added expenses this year. While I hate to do it, I think it may mean a corresponding increase in our cheese prices this fall. We'll see. Stupid drought.

The silver lining, for us anyway, is that our back acreage is usually flooded in a normal year. This means that that part of our land still has lots of grass when the rest of our fields burn up. Small consolation, but it is better than what most folks around here have.

At some point you have to just stop worrying about it and move on. So yesterday we took the dogs to "the beach." Even old lady Diva enjoyed herself. Sweet girl.

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