Thursday, July 16, 2009

A few photo updates

So -- they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Since my last post looks like at least 1000 words (sorry!), I'll stick to photos this time. Here are a few updates.

Peep is almost fully manned out now. So handsome.

Gravy is almost as big as wild pig already. So precocious.

Bravey is not as big is Gravy, and so is way smaller than big pig. So cute.

We got more piglets. (I know this deserves a proper explanation, but I don't have time at the mo. Take your fake thousand words and be happy.)

We are hoping to take the last of the guinea keets to their new home today. soon as we catch the last two, anyway. I think we waited too long. These birds are too good at the flying now.

The turkeys seem to have finally stopped dying. We have nine left from the original 16 mail-order poults. Plus the two feed store birds, so 11 in the coop. Gobble gobble!

There. That's, like, 6200 words. Now I gotta go make cheese already!

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