Thursday, July 23, 2009

Freestyle Jazz

So Christian had a bit of a minor Farmageddon moment while I was at market Tuesday. Heh. I love when I am not home for these.

He was nearing the end of milk chores and went to let the last group of goats into the parlor.(We milk four at a time. With 20 goats in milk, that is five shifts.)The last shift came in and there were only three goats. He crawled out of the tiny goat sized door to have a look to see if one was still in the barn for some reason. No dice. He looked around the barnyard. No straggler. At that point he had to figure out who was missing and why. Not a zen moment on the farm.

Since he is an old hand at the milking and kind of on autopilot while doing it now, and really spends more time looking at the business end than the faces, he wasn't sure who was missing. So he made a list. And then went out to check off who he had already seen.

I don't know why but to me -- this is the funniest part of the story. So much so, I had to take a photo of his handiwork. Heh.

Just as he got to his last two names, Challenge and Jazz, he spotted Challenge and his phone rang. It was the neighbor.

"Hey buddy. I got one of your goats over here."

At a time unknown and through methods COMPLETELY unknown, Jazz had left the comfort of Blue Heron Farm to cast her lot with the cows next door. A thorough examination of the fence, post incident, revealed no holes. It's a mystery how she got there. But it was no mystery how C would have to get her home. A walk down Bunting Road, my friends.

The neighbor was flabbergasted as Christian whistled for her and headed for home. Jazz followed him like a champ. No need to grab her chain, no need for a lead. While she may have had a bit of a yen for adventure, she also knew what side her bread was buttered on and that those cows were not going to give her any dinner.

C snapped the following with is phone on their trot home. Lookin' good Jazzy. Ya weirdo.


aweber9 said...

very funny story! glad you shared it.

Pam said...

Just woke Mike laughing out loud at this! Glad everyone is present and accounted for :-)

Katherine said...

Great story and great phone pic!