Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stupidest Job on the Farm

Ok-- really. We're out of control. The lunatics are completely in charge of the asylum.

Somehow we have gotten into the habit of protecting the barn cats' breakfast and dinner from the chickens. I suppose we should start with the fact that our barn cats get two squares a day, but I actually find that one easy to defend. These are pet barn cats. Not unlovable, aloof barn cats. They interact with us, sit in our laps, come visit in the house yard and still, despite their small meals, do a darned fine job of catching and eating varmints. They are great cats.

What I am at odds to explain is how we began the ritual of sitting on a bucket and waving a fishing rod at the chickens to keep them out of the cats' food. It is a job I take on more frequently than Christian, but it is way funnier to see C doing it in his big farmer hat.


Oh - and for the record - this is what it looks like from the bucket. Scary, huh?


Brandi said...

you really might be a crazy person.

can you put the food up high, somewhere too high for the chickens to fly?

that picture is hysterical.

NoGrandmother said...

How I love this blog.

Kristin said...

Brett Joseph Danaher likes this.

YeagerFarm said...

Just TOO funny! How do these animals take control of our lives??

Katherine said...

This is my favorite post ever. Hilarious pics.

Stephanie said...

forget the blog...we need a book.
(ok..book...AND blog. ) :)

K Marie Tyler said...

If I come visit the farm when I come to Austin in February (I do realize it will require a drive) could I request a demonstration? I wish I lived closer.