Friday, June 5, 2009


This is Milhouse in self-imposed exile under a coffee table in the office. We call it Kitmo.

Because I feel bad for bumming everyone out with the Loretta story.And because this is just the kind of thing that forces me to laugh.

We're doing OK here, BTW. The vet put Lo down yesterday. It was peaceful and quiet and she is no longer in any pain. Totally worth every penny.

4 comments: said...

Is she a Meowslim? Did you arrest her on the battlefield, and enemeow combatant?

Blue Heron Farm said...

Oh lord, M -- you need some coffee or sumpin'.

You're worse than we are. Is it a farmer thing????

ceoguy said...

Not just a Meowslim, but a bona fide member of Al-Kitta. She was in a domestic sleep-purr cell.

ceoguy said...

Lisa says we are idiots and we spend too much time in the sun.