Monday, June 8, 2009

No, you cannot stay.

Sheesh. I think we have some kind of karmic wildlife sucker reputation. The animals won't stop comin'.

Yesterday, after much research and plans to be away from home for most of the day, we decided to try to return Tequila to his nest. Baby birds need to eat very frequently, and we jut were not going to be able to keep up. Christian rigged up an elaborate tractor/ladder combo to reach the nest and successfully deposited the little fledgling back where he belonged.

We spent the day in town and when we came back, saw Grumpy sitting on the tractor and the mama bird irritatedly swooping at him. That was all I needed to see to know that she had found her baby. Success!

So we brought the goats in from pasture and got ready to milk when Trudy showed up and presented this little gem to Christian.

I have to give her some credit. To a dog, this must certainly look like a baby goat. And lord knows where she found it, but she got it back to the barn without hurting it.

We decided in VERY short order that we would not be bottle raising a deer and called a friend with lots of rescue experience for advice. She said to bring her back to the field and that mama would most likely come looking for her. It is part of the deal that they leave newborns (and this little one could not have been more than 24 hours old) to eat and come back later. We put her in some tall grass under a tree and hoped for the best.

This morning Christian crossed his fingers and went out to look for her. He couldn't find her anywhere and we think nature actually did its thing and that mama came to get her.

Thank goodness. Quite frankly, the inn is full right now. We only have room for pictures.


Sydney said...

That is so sweet!! It is so little! You guys did the right thing. I am sure mama came and got her over night. Love your pictures!!

Cousin Syd

Katherine said...

So adorable, sweet, and delicate. Good for Trudy!