Monday, May 4, 2009

What a week!

Ok- so I went out to take more garden photos today. I can't believe the difference we are seeing in just one week. Here is the photo from last Monday:

And here is the same shot today. Go veg!!! Look at the tomato plant in the far corner! And the peppers in front of it. The beans are at least 2x as tall, too.

The crookneck squash are going bonkers and the broccoli-- don't get me started. Two heads have gone to flowers because we can't keep up the pace eating it. There are jalapenos ready to be picked and we have put in okra where we harvested Chinese cabbage.

Oh - and we may yet get Brussels sprouts -- look!

I am so digging the garden. No pun intended.

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pleintexasgirl said...

Man!! Goat poop rocks! I thought I had the best on the block with my rabbit manure, but I concede, you have me beat. Those are some good greens you have growing there, boss lady.