Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh noez! Too much cutez!

Uh-oh. I think we're a little out of control.

Saturday we went to a graduation party at Fairwoods Farm. (Congratulations, again, Amy!)and the plan was to bring home a kitten. I had been ready to try again for a while now and D'Ann's barn kitty was just weaning some little ones, so -- you know -- good times.

Well, we had just picked out my kitty to bring home later when some of the kids came running, trailed by a little yellow puppy that they said some people just dumped. D'Anne's grandkids said MeeMaw would "shoot that dog with her 22" if she saw it. (A rumor later dispelled. MeeMaw only shoots the strays that threaten her goats. Or dig in her beautiful garden. The rest she sends to a rescue.)

The kids' powerful argument coupled with the puppy's insane cuteness and sweet, submissive personality earned her an immediate car ride over to BHF. Christian crated her on our porch and then came back to the party.

By party's end we went home, new kitty in hand, to a vastly changed house dynamic. Meet the newest indoor animals.


and Little Chicken.

It was sometime after his return to the party, Little Chicken safely stowed at home, that Christian made a little cuteness confession. He had recently made a deal to get Trudy a co-worker. We are officially awaiting the weaning of a Great Pyrenees puppy from Swede Farm. She was going to be a surprise for me, but at the point we'd acquired two baby animals, it seemed just silly to keep any charade going. It was time to get used to cute overload.

So today, on a mission to get back to the real world, which is not always pretty, I decided it was time to break up the nest that Dawn and Mickie were sitting on. As I mentioned, I was sure the time for a healthy hatch had long passed, and I NEVER want to deal with putrid eggs again. (The thought of that duck egg still triggers my gag reflex.) So this morning I went out with a broom in hand, ready to get the girls a-movin'. I took a quick peek under the low bench where they had built their nest, to determine who I should try to move first, and found myself face to beak with a little lavender peep peep. The eggs are hatching!

We've only seen two, but there were at least 18 eggs in the nest, being brooded by two mamas. We'll give them a little longer to get them all out and then go scoop up the keets and move the whole family to the chicken coop. I'll get photos later, but seriously. Do you think you can take that much cute in one day? Good thing I don't have any Pyr photos yet. Oy!


Margie said...

Oh my goodness, de cutez is too much for me! Is this what I am going to turn into when I move home to the farm in August...I hope so! And Lisa, please remember that no matter how young or old "your cat need to learn about Jesus"!!

Love & Hugs,

Sandra said...

OMG you lucky people. More cuteness than anyone can stand. A pyr pup on the way too? Life couldn't get any better as I sit in my own house next to a peeping incubator and next to the office with a stock tank that's peeping also!