Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pig butts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, seriously. Little piglet butts may be the cutest thing ever.

We picked up four new piglets yesterday, though only two are staying here. The other are going to be fattened up at Fairwoods Farm along with one of our two semi-wild guys.

It turned out that our friend D'Ann had actually been looking for the wild kind, but couldn't find them. On top of that, we were only able to place one of our two with a restaurant, so she got Spotty Pig and we are growing the brindle one out to about 180 pounds for Feast.

Even with just the two Bacon brothers, we were overflowing with whey, so hopefully these new guys will be good eaters. So far, it looks promising.

Even though one of the new kids is spotty, too, the snouts look nothing at all like those of the wild pigs. Here is the one we kept for comparison. ...growing nicely. :)

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