Sunday, May 31, 2009

More ToDs!

We have poults!

A couple days ago our feed store finally got in the annual turkeys. We bought four. Little poults are notoriously dumb and delicate - an often lethal combination. We hope to get two adults out of this, though it would be great if we could successfully raise all four.

One is actually going to be a wedding present for some friends. (I'm pretty sure they don't read the blog...hope I'm not ruining the surprise.) I'm going to crop the photo below and put it in a card. We will be raising a free range, naturally fed turkey for their first married Thanksgiving together. This is arguably the weirdest wedding gift I have ever given. Oh wait - no. I gave a taxidermy jackalope once. Long story.

Anyway - someone gave the bride a nice Calphalon roaster at the shower and she seemed pretty jazzed about it. I think this will complement that nicely.

The poults are in the house now, but will move to the coop shortly; we recently vacated the guineas to make room. Our friend D'Ann took 10 of the keets. The other six are free ranging with their mamas and proud papa. We are in a serious bird-a-palooza now. Let's hope all of the little ones are tough.

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