Monday, April 27, 2009


Blue Heron Farm is in a state of hyper-fertility. And there's no better state for a farm to be in, really.

In addition to the sweet ducklings we already have, (pictured again because I can't get enough of them) ...

...Harpo is on another nest. These guys should have cousins in a week or two.

Also, Dawn has finally set on her nest. At last count it had maybe 17 eggs. I had trouble getting and keeping an accurate count as they were buried very near some stinging nettle that I wouldn't get too close to, and Trudy liked to steal eggs when she was able to sneak into the goat barn. She managed to get at least three, but was unable to actually eat them, as guinea eggs have a VERY tough shell. They went in her strange pile of found items in the barnyard. Right next to that old skunk pelt I haven't had the heart to take away from her.

The garden is also going gang-busters. We have harvested and eaten quite a bit of Chinese cabbage and have learned that nine plants are WAY too many for a family of two. I still have about five giant heads to eat. Eggrolls for dinner again tonight.

We have also harvested a fair amount of strawberries, a few heads of broccoli and probably all of the snap peas we will get. They are unhappy with the heat and will be replaced by okra this week.

The jalapenos are REALLY coming in, the tomatoes have flowered and I've added one plant each of yellow squash and cucumbers to the bed. I learned how many cucumber plants were too many for us last year.

All in all we are feeling mighty pleased at how Mother Nature provides for you when you follow natural, sustainable patterns. This garden is entirely grown in the goat poop collected from the barn. The poop that lands in the fields all day is keeping the grass lush for browsing. The weeds and grass in those fields also make a good home for the bugs that ducks and guineas eat. It all works. ...the man can keep his stinkin' chemicals.

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